Review of Vegas Joker from Paula

They have to have one of the best customer service teams (my top 3 are the top 3 b/c of this) online. All of the staff I have dealt with are friendly and extremely accomadating. They assign you a person once you have played and become a VIP and my experience has always been that if I email my contact I always get immediate response (average 30 minutes) to my request or my question as long as I send my email at an hour that they are at work. Also they always make an effort to accommadate me when I request loyalty points be credited to my account before the month ends or if I miss a deposit promo by a day b/c I am out of town, etc... if they can do it or offer me something else they will and I think that is great since the player is the one who puts out their money first. Customer Service to me is the most important aspect of a casino b/c a casino is a business that is one of service really. I am less likely to be upset losing if I am surrounded by kind and accomodating people. I have also won various times, I only cashed out a couple but not from lack of winning. My biggest win/cash out was for a little over $10,000.00. I also like that they do offer numerous promos for regualr players. That and the loyalty point program is nice b/c you get back a little to play with after you have played with your money. They also have new games a lot which I love and you can play slots at different values of coin which I really like b/c I can keep playing when I am short of money by reducing the coin value I am playing at. Lastly I love the many ways you can deposit money - the variety makes it possible for anyone to play and I have tried almost all the ways and most of them are instant credits which makes playing more fun b/c you dont have to wait! The only two things I would like to see is the addition of live on line support and the ability to cash in your loyalty points online whenever you want to. I would highly recommend this casino!!