Review of Bella Vegas Casino (closed) from Paula

They have a great customer service team just like vegas joker and thats why I play here quite often too. The response time of my requests is not quite as quick as vegas joker but it is pretty great! I time I called about a promo email I received and they even put me through to my support agent (the one who is in charge of my account and who I email all the time) and I couldnt believe it b/c it was great to talk to the gal who emailed me all the time and she took care of my promo credit right there on the phone. I thought this was great b/c in these days to have a copany really care about customer service is rare and that is sad to see so the way bella vegas operates their customer service is refreshing. I will always recommend them b/c of this. I have never had a bad experience at this casino. It is nice you can cash in your loyalty points whenever you want at their site online, I like this instead of waiting for the credit once a month when you have earned enough you can get it immediately which is fair. I would like to see them add live on line support and a flash version, but other than that they are awesome! I would highly recommend gaming at this casino.