Review of Party Casino from Paula

This is a casino I have just recently started playing at, I actually became aware of it via a poker site I play at. I have been extrememly impressed with my experience so far (but remember it IS pretty new to me)! They have a lot of good things to offer to players who are loyal and are going to be around - so people like me who are creatures of habit will really benefit by becoming a player at Starluck. They have the most sophisticated loyalty program I have seen to date. You access it through the cashier and it takes you to a website and there is all your info - point balance to date, your own email section to get messages from your personal account manager, you can link participating sites all together so that your loyalty points for all are in one pool and can be redeemed for play at whichever site you want to play them at and I could go on and on! This last thing I mentioned is one of the things I found to be intriging as I have not seen this ability with other loyalty programs (at least ones I have been assiociated with) - connecting all sister sites and combining play points - that is an amazing advantage to us players and I think it is fantastic they let it be done! The customer service people were all very very nice and helpful and the live support has a very quick response - as soon as I logged on to it an agent greeted me - no long waiting period! i tried the flash and dowload versions and liked both and what I thought was cool was each version had something I liked about it that the other didnt have. One of the other things about Starluck that jumped at me and I loved was they have a couple deposit methods I have not seen ofered at any other site - this is one thing I look for b/c I like variety and choices especilly new ones. I actually set up an epassporte account thru Starluck to try it and I was able to register a cc, verify it w/them and load my virtual visa w/i minutes (unlike firepay or prepaid atm, etc... which all seem to take a week or more to verify and get going so you can use them)!! I spoke with other players too and the payouts are really quick a day or two depending how you withdraw - the epassporte acct you can withdrawal and redeposit to it same day so if you win big you can cash out some back to epassporte and its in your account in under 24 hours. Starluck also has a slot tournament section which was neat and I actually got an entry into a freeroll and played. So anyway, check it out theres so much to say but go check it out, set up an account and go from there, I think everyone can find something about the casino they will love and cant find anywhere else!