Review of Captain Cooks Casino from Paula

This casino does have a lot of great promos and bonuses offered high free $ amounts which I like b/c you can really get a decent feel for the casino with the free amount they give you - $5 is not enough to try a casino and be able to tell that you like it! They have a fantastic customer support team who are ALL extremely accommadating and who respond to your emails in 15-30 minutes - they re by far the quickest that I have seen. However, I do not like the fact that they do not have a toll free number that you can contact the casino at if you are having problems for some reason - they have an option where they will call you but I dont know - I dont like that you can not have their number. But with that said, my experience with help was refreshingly prompt so I didnt have cause to have issue with the phone# to date. I love all there games like the other microgaming casinos I play at and they have a wide variety of ways to fund your account. Another plus (with a little con with it) is the way they handle your bonus money and its playthrough requirements (if applicable). You actually have a seperate bonus account (it is your regular account# but ends with "b" for bonus insteasd of the "r" for regular. When you get a bonus they credit your bonus acount and as you play the bonus $ and win, the winnings go into an area "monies available to transfer to regualr real account". Once the money is marked for transfer availanbility, you know that you have met playthrough requirements and it can be played as your money in your regular account (after you transfer it). This method does make me feel confident I wasnt being cheated out of anything, like they were actually keeping track of it for me unlike any other place I have ever played at. However, the negative is that it is a pain and confusing til you do it to have 2 accounts, not to mention that if you play flash too, that is a whole different account and bonus account! So potentially you could have 4 accounts which is really confusing. Overall, I enjoyed my experience and they had some new things I hadn't seen to date and I would refer/ recommend the casino to anyone as I am confident it is a trustworthy and honest gaming site!