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Slotland Details

Details about Slotland (software:Proprietary) (review)

Nr. Source Type Rating Pros Cons Author's review
2hrb3Personal1Customer Service
Fast Payouts
Not Enough Video Poker GamesI have been a loyal customer at Slotland for over ...
3rlholmanPersonal1Awesome payout rates!!!
Very Very small playthrough (2-8x) on their bonuses!!!
& It's a Flash Casino!!!
not alot of game selection...I have cashed out twice already on just their $5 n...
4banana099Personal1Slotland is my favorite casino to play at because of the games, the support, management and when I win they send me a check directly to my home.The disadvantages are as any casino it is very rare that you hit a jackpot, other than that I have no complaints.Slotland has the games I like and the best support...
5HappyGoLuckyPersonal2Lots of game options, many different multi reel slots with bonuses. Very helpful staff, Cust. service was unmatched to any other i've had to deal casino working out their on line issues.I had a few problems with the link to their casino...
6genosandyPersonal4You get to play right away and is the only flash casino that has actually worked on our laptop (dialup)Doens't fit very well on our small screen.Must keep adjusting the machine and then trying to see what we won and our balanceIt was very nice! We especially liked the one game...
7Tracy SantanyPersonal7Great customer service, fun gamesNot the best graphicsRoyal Dutch Casino has always been fair in how the...
8Winner OnlineSite8---